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Friday, 7 July 2017

Excitement ! New Producer Joins the Project & Arts Council Grants For The Arts

This year has been a busy and energetic one  hence the gaps in blogging...However this project still moves forward .. So we have on board now for the this production project, a successful and experienced Producer based in the East Midlands to Boot!  Michaela Waldram Jones is based in Nottingham and has an impressive track record working in theatre and with culturally diverse artists regionally, nationally and internationally. With excellent contacts and great track record across the theatre industry, Michaela will be of great benefit to our project.

Following an extended period of my working as a dramaturge and then director for an brilliant play, A Scholar & A Statesman written by the talented Pamela Roberts - which is in for further development for full production after an immensely successful rehearsed reading at the Attenborough Centre Leicester. I am in the process of doing a Grants for the Arts application on Grantium the new portal used by the Arts Council, for you to submit your application online. 

Initially you need to register your details and project title etc. this  may take a little awhile and then you can ask for templates or download them to work on. to collate and complete all the information you will need of the application.  One of the questions that is asked is about your arts activities over the last year, and how many artists, participants and audiences have benefited.   It has been interesting for me to look back and focus on all I have been doing, and actually calculate these numbers.  What is new this time is including also online numbers, eg, all my youtube video/s views or my blog views

Finally, Actor colleagues and others have been very helpful already,  in suggesting potential actor/dancers to look at later on for the plum character role of Maz for Love The Life You Live..Live The Life You Live Love.   This makes it all so very exciting and real after all this time - can't wait to get cracking with it all - but patience is a real virtue when it comes to making theatre work. I have learnt form experience that things all come together at the right time and not before!

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