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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Getting Busy Pre-Production Game On

This most recent period, has been marked by a series of productive meeting with Curve Theatre and freelance producers,  and very helpful advice from Arts Council England, exploring the possibilities for producing Love The Life You Live Live The Life You Love later this year for a sharing for interested venues and bookers. in addition to discussing associate membership and a mentor for me as Director for the project.

After listening to the text, we now have on board the project, an excellent Choreographer, known for truly exciting physical theatre on board with an excellent region al nation and  international reputation. More details will follow in due course, regarding other members of  what will be a first class creative team to be recruited. Along with opportunities created for a Producer and student placements etc.

During this time work has also been done on tweaking, the governance for The Dare to Diva Company Advisory Board. It is likely this group will meet in due course to begin to guide the Funding application/s and oversee the project timelines and development.

All this work is fitted in between personal appearances performances and readings along with teaching and coaching voice and performance skills having moved to a new Performing Arts Academy and venue, after the closure of Sheehans Music Academy

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